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Artist Statement


My drawing process is simple: I put pen to paper and make a line, followed by thousands more lines that morph into utterly unique artworks. Much of my emphasis on patterns and precision comes from having Asperger Syndrome, which presents itself as an ability to do repetitive line work for hours on end. 


Through the use of these repetitive ink lines, I explore the balance between calming and disorienting patterns. At times, my ink lines meander freely, creating a sense of calm. Other times, my lines are frenetic, verging on the chaotic. In each mode, I remind myself to slow down, savor the process, and discover complexity within simplicity.

A person
CIRCLE GRID 1_edited.jpg
Spring, small_edited.jpg
TYB 1_edited.jpg

2022 Winner: Voices of Tomorrow International Art Award, ​​Contemporary Art Curator Magazine


2022: Circle Foundation Featured ArtistCircle Foundation for the Arts

2022: Minnetrista Annual Juried Art Show -- 2nd Place, Avocational Division: "Trikaya"(36x60 in., ink on paper)

2021: Minnetrista Annual Juried Art Show -- 2nd Place, Avocational Division: "Happy Hour" (36x60 in., ink on paper)

2020-2021: Featured Artist, Emerging Artist Platform

Work Published in Art Magazines

2022: "Happy Hour." Spotlight: Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 29, p. 24.

2022: "Forgetting the Ox." Art Ideal: Explore Contemporary Aesthetics, Vol. 2, p. 16.

2021: "Optical Delusion." Spotlight: Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 27, p. 27.

Solo Exhibition

2021: Gordy Fine Art, "Forgetting the Ox: Drawings by Jeff Brackett"

Group Exhibitions




"This piece really speaks to me. I love your work. I want to fill my entire house with it!"

"Your mandalas are simply extraordinary.” And your work “is of course absolutely incredible."

"Your art makes me feel warm, calm, energized. I hung it right above my desk, so I see it every time I look up."



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