Jeffrey M Brackett

I’m an abstract artist who works mainly in ink. I also do some woodcut printmaking and mixed media, usually to create unique patterns.


I’ve insisted that art-making isn’t spiritual. Now, I’m not so sure.


I’ve never called myself Buddhist. Now, I’m not so sure.


On my blog, I write about the intersections of Buddhism, art, and life as a religious studies professor with Asperger’s Syndrome (diagnosed in late 2020). I address questions like, “How is art-making spiritual? And what does Asperger’s have to do any of this?”


None of the answers are simple.


I haven’t always been an artist. But it’s who I am at the core of my being.


I say more about how I started drawing and whether I consider my work to be “spiritual” in a short essay, “Mandalas, Meditation, and Mindful Mark-Making.”





“Your mandalas are simply extraordinary.” And your work “is of course absolutely incredible.”


~ Pamela Caughey (Professional Artist)


“This piece really speaks to me. I love your work. I want to fill my entire house with it!”

~ Jess


“You create beautiful patterns, and your coloring book pages are awesome. Oh, and these are the best mandalas I’ve seen.”

~ Jen


“Your art makes me feel warm, calm, energized. I hung it right above my desk, so I see it every time I look up.”

~ Tyler

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